Does Railtec work directly with homeowners?
Yes. Railtec works directly with residential customers and homeowners, as well builders and general contractors.
How long does a typical job take?
That’s a difficult question to answer. With a competent crew of 2-3 people we typically finish a job within one day. Each job is unique and depends upon a number of factors such as desired materials, number of stairs, desired finish, etc. We offer a free design consultation and offer free estimates.
How soon can you begin our job?
After a free consultation and/or estimate, we can typically schedule your job within 2-3 weeks. We will work with you to accommodate and try our best to meet your schedule.
Do I have to handle building codes and permits, or will Railtec handle all of that?
Railtec is well versed in all current building codes. Permits are handled by the homeowner or builder for new homes or additions. For replacement of an existing railing, permits are not required.
Does Railtec conduct exterior work on decks and patios?
No, Railtec currently only works with interior railing systems.
Does Railtec also finish and install hardwood stairs, or just work with railings?
We have a stain and finishing department that handles rails, newels, and balusters.
Is Railtec a member of any associations or organizations?
Yes, Railtec is a proud active member of The Home Builders Association of Maryland.
What are Railtec's payment terms? Do you require a down payment?
Yes. We require a 1/3 of the total as a deposit prior to beginning work, and now accept credit cards.
Are you bonded, licensed and insured?
In what regions or states do you do business?
Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.